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Imagine owning your own set of golf clubs, where every club’s length places the grip perfectly in your hands in the same playing position every time. Now you can with True Length Technology® (TLT) developed by Dan Connelly of Dan’s Custom Golf Shop in Hampton. We offer a choice of shafts, grips, and club heads that best suit the needs of each player with all of them built to TLT. We also provide repairs, re-gripping, re-shafting, and a number of other golf shop services.
True Length Technology® - What Is It?
The secret to TLT is in the individual length progression between each club. Simply put ½ inch length progression verses 1 degree of lie angle is mathematically incorrect. True Length Technology® corrects this condition.

If you want to understand how your golf clubs shaft will perform you need to understand the profile of a shaft. This involves collecting data over the entire length of the shafts - not just butt frequency. The True Frequency Technology Shaft Profiling software will help identify the 3 stages of your golf shaft - butt frequency, mid frequency and tip frequency. TFT will help predict ball flight by identifying the overall shaft profile and performing a sort of all the raw length shafts before assigning each shaft to a particular club head. Improved performance and an improved - consistent feel will be the end result.

This proprietary fitting assembly system will help all levels of players by:

  • Making sure every club’s length places the grip perfectly in your hands in the same playing position every time
  • Making every club set to your perfect math model resulting in optimum playing lengths and lies for every club
  • Giving repeatability and consistency in your playing with a set of clubs tuned to you and you alone
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Clubmakers Registry
Are you a Clubmaker who wants to increase your business? Would you like to become a Registered TLT Clubmaker and enjoy the benefits of Dan’s Clubmakers Registry? The Clubmakers Package is available in PDF format or the new Combo-Excel software version. There are 16 charts for adults and 10 for children as one size does not fit all.
Find a Clubmaker Near You
Are you a player that wants to take your game to the next level? Contact Dan’s Custom Golf Shop or one of my Registered Clubmakers for the opportunity to change your game. If you are not a Clubmaker, we recommend that you find one to take your TLT specifications.

By finding a Clubmaker you insure that your clubs will be professionally altered or built by a certified technician. Please inform the Clubmaker of the merits and advantages of building to the True Length Technology® math model and how to get hold of Dan Connelly for clarification.

Note: You will have to negotiate your own deal with your Clubmaker as to the cost of the alteration or assembly.

Single Length Irons
Due to the recent success of Bryson Dechambeau and his single length irons concept, I have decided to offer

Single Length Golf Clubs
The concept of playing a single length golf club set - where every club is built to approximately your 7 or 8 iron length - is now a reality. Both the Pinhawk design and the new Wishon Sterling iron heads allow us to build a set of clubs with identical lengths and lies, promoting a single swing and a single axis swing. A TLT Fitting will still be required as setting the correct length and lie for these clubs is paramount.

• Reduced Length Golf Clubs
This is where I drastically reduce the overall length of the iron set by reducing the length increment between each club. So a tradition OEM set will often have 4" of total length difference between the 3 iron and the wedges, I have the ability to build sets that will have just over 1" of total length separation, by reducing the length increment and bending the heads to a smaller degree of lie change. Not all heads will work with this concept, but I do carry a couple lines that are buildable to these specifications.

• True Length Technology Golf Clubs
The best of both worlds, where you still remain in a single athletic address position for every club. This is my Award winning Fitting System that allows some added length, but still allows a single playing position. Advantages include longer irons (which are no longer too long), allowing for an increase in club head speed due to the added length, but not so long that they become a less controllable club. Short irons may be slightly longer in order to eliminate the need to crouch or bend over too far, which can pull you out of your best athletic address position. TLT can be adapted to most clubs and club heads, either through a retrofit or a new build.

Professional Affiliations
Dan Connelly is the owner of Dan’s Custom Golf Shop and developer of True Length Technology®. He has been in the Clubmaking business since 1998 and has earned a wide array of accreditations and awards including:

To see a full list of Dan Connelly's accreditations and awards, click here to read more.

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